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Furthur Live at Charter One on 2012-07-17

by Furthur

Topics Picklemic, 24-bit, Aud, FOB, DFC

Second set FOB on 6 ft stand
01. Feel Like A Stranger
02. Passenger
03. Truckin'>
04. Viola Lee Blues>
05. Mountains Of The Moon>
06. Watchtower>
07. Morning Dew>
08. Throwin' Stones
09. Donor Rap
10. Attics Of My Life

Collection Furthur
Band/Artist Furthur
Venue Charter One
Location Chicago, IL

Source AKG 522MS (Picklemic)FOB > V2 (ms decoded) > R-44 > WAV @ 24/48
Lineage WAV > Audacity 2.0 > WAV > xACT > FLAC @ 24/48
Taped by Picklemic
Transferred by Picklemic


Got there late so only ran 2nd set. I was a bit bad on setting the levels during Stanger, but I got it dialed pretty quick. FOB DFC. Please don't be a Wookie and give me a half *ss review bc no 1st set. I don't think I would of run if I was there on time anyway as it was light out and my rig is not the most stealthy. Enjoy y'all!!!


Reviewer: Bzl - - July 23, 2012
Subject: FAT recording!
I just love the punch of the bass on this. Great set, too! Well worth putting up with crowd chatter.

Get the first set from one of the other sources, people.
Reviewer: JeffFrank - - July 22, 2012
Subject: Your only getting the 2nd set
Well one of my Tekkeon's failed me so I only got the first set. I guess I might as well post it so it can complete this. ;-)
Reviewer: spyguy29 - - July 20, 2012
Subject: Good show
I was at this show, and it rocked! The Dew was amazing. Having the first set up would have been nice, as there was a good Sailor>Saint and Half Step. Thanks for posting this.
Reviewer: Yossarian08 - - July 20, 2012
Subject: soundin' good
Great recording. The band are sounding revitalized this summer. Bob seems to be singing more inspired than lately, and the energy seems to be up. Those Beacon shows this spring sounded pretty weak to me, but this show and the others from this tour all sound much better. Passenger has some cool jamming and strong vocals, and is a 19 minute Viola ever not good? Mountains had a somewhat different groove than a lot of Furthur versions- a good version of a song that can sometimes be a sleeper at Furthur shows. Dew rages like you'd expect and Attics is always welcome.
Reviewer: Eyeseeitall - - July 20, 2012
Subject: Nice Sound...
While I am bummed no first set- I am stoked we at least have this recording to listen to- thanks for the effort!
Reviewer: Krissy P - - July 19, 2012
Subject: Excellent recording
Thank you for taping and uploading - love Chimenti's effects on Stranger - the Viola is absolutely smoking, sweet crazy jazzy jam Mountains of the Moon, Chimenti is sounding fantastic - and the Dew is incredible - really gets going around the 11:00 mark - some awesome JC/JK interaction and JC switches from the grand to the hammond :) What a great tour - Furthur On!
Reviewer: chihead - - July 19, 2012
Subject: Solid Aud of a Great Second Set
Picklemic -> Love the big sound from your little rig. You nailed it. The chatting is all part of the vibe. If others don't like it wait for the SBD, that's not what AUDs are for.

A great second set for those not there: Dynamite Stranger, Cumberland>Truckin>VLB bops and rocks and we laughed at Bobby flubbing during Watchtower.
Reviewer: selvaggio - - July 19, 2012
Subject: guess it doesn't matter anyway
Thanks for the quick upload of this 2nd set. It's quite a different groove from last night at Meadow Brook, which was Jerry Band circa 1991. The unusual jam at the end of Truckin' and the Dew stand out for me. Quality is very good though partly blemished by people talking, talking, talking -- why not listen to the music play?
Reviewer: PHILLYW - - July 19, 2012
Subject: Dialed in is Correct
One of the better recordings from this tour. Nice work and thanks for sharing!
Reviewer: wookinsurance - - July 19, 2012
Subject: No first set
No first set! Come on! Here comes sunshine and Mississippi halfstep to open the show rocked. That being said, the VLB and Passenger were probably my favorite. Truckin had the crowd roaring along,and John killed Morning Dew, sounded amazing. Attics was fine, but I wish we had gotten the encore from the MI show. Half stars for half the show.
by Furthur
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Source: AKG 522MS (Picklemic)FOB > V2 (ms decoded) > R-44 > WAV @ 24/48
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